Sunday, March 8, 2009

And so it begins (again)

Today's seed-planting day in the Borage for Courage household, as the seeds have been soaking in wet paper towel for the requisite twenty-four hours. I was good and ended up under 15 dollars for seeds this year. However, as I mentioned, I will be leaning more heavily on nursery plants, so that'll be a cost down the road. As you can see from the picture, this year I'm growing one German Red Strawberry, two Chapmans, two Brandywines, one tomatillo, one Sungold, one Gardener's Delight, one Matina, one Kellogg's Breakfast, and one Green Zebra in the tomato category. For the peppers, we have Joe E Parker, two Fish peppers, a Mirasol, and an Ancho. For eggplants, there's two Rossa Biancas. In miscellaneous stuff, I'm growing three flatleaf Italian parsleys this year, because frankly, I can't find a single use where my typical crinkleleaf parsley is better. Can you? I know now that Stevia from seed is nigh impossible, but I had a couple dozen leftover seeds from when I was unaware, so I figured I'd give it one last go. And I'm going to try my hand again at growing Salad Burnet, because bizarre salad enhancements amuse me.

This garden is looking more and more like a gallery of past years' failures. Chapman and German Red Strawberry tomatoes, as well as Joe E Parker and Fish peppers died when I forgot to water the seedlings last year during a bout of the flu. Rossa Bianca was grown in horrible conditions two years ago, and couldn't manage to produce anything of edible size by the end of the season. The Stevia put up a feeble millimeter-wide set of primary leaves last year, then just fell over and died. So I'm probably dooming myself from the start. But doesn't doom make for the best blogging?

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