Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Grand Adventure

How does one properly begin a saga, a trek, a tour de force? Some wise sages would probably blather on about a single step, and they likely wouldn't be wrong.

So here I am. Twenty-seven years old, living on a little less than a third of an acre in the heart of what I'd call the city, and what my wife would call suburbia. We moved into this house in November of 2007 after spending many years in dorm rooms or apartments, and even a rented duplex. Stories of these will come in time.

My influences for becoming a gardener are diverse and plentiful. My mother is a gardener, and I grew up helping in the garden. My maternal grandmother is well-known for her green thumb. My home was only a few hundred feet away from cornfields, and many of my friends in school had families in farming. And most importantly, I've personally had an interest in plants since I was a young child, using my Reader's Digest North American Wildlife book from the age of 5 to identify wild plants in the world around me.

Do any of these really make a gardener a gardener, though? At the end of the day, gardening seems to be a study in tenacity. Coincidence or not, blogging seems to be a study in tenacity as well. Hopefully, these will come together, and I will have a successful gardening blog. Who knows? It could happen.