Monday, September 1, 2008

Thyme Tomatoes

I've grown a wide variety of tomatoes this year. The gold-colored Kellogg's Breakfast and Sungolds, the gold and pink striped Hillbillies, the pink Brandywines, the red Soldackis, Camp Joys and Romas, and the purple Cherokee Purples and Black Cherries. Mix and match that with the Green Zebras my mother in law is growing down the street, and you have the makings of some really pretty dishes.

The best recipes to show off this variety of color and flavor are often the simplest ones, and this recipe is about as simple as you can without taking your salt shaker out to the vines. Simply slice a wide variety of colors of tomatoes, and arrange them nicely on a platter. Drizzle olive oil on the slices, and generously sprinkle fresh thyme leaves on the slices. Lemon thyme is particularly good for this, especially the variegated kind. Lay the leftover stalks on the tomatoes decoratively. Set the platter out in the sun for twenty minutes, then serve. Easy as pie.

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Unknown said...

Brandywines are my all-time favorite tomato. I also love green zebras. Tomatoes and basil are the two main things I miss about not having a garden. Here in NC no one seems to grow Brandywines. I can get a similar variety called German Johnson at the Farmer's Market. Hope you are having better luck this year with your seedlings!