Thursday, August 14, 2008

When the gods are against you

Rain. Sometimes, it's a savior. Other times, it's well, less than a savior. I put off watering my plants the last couple days, and was planning on doing it today. Today, however, the weather had other plans. It came down in buckets, creating major flooding, flooding the inside of my house (because I was dumb and left the windows open 2 inches) and major problems in my garden. Not only is it messing with the water level of my tomatoes (thus raising the chance of blossom end rot and splitting Sungolds), but the volume of water actually *broke* one of my tomato stakes right off, luckily
not breaking the stem, but knocking four green Brandywines off the vine. Those of you that grow Brandywines know I can't afford to lose those, they might end up being a full third of my harvest of that variety.

Also, rain messes with my plans for my hot peppers. Hot peppers, as many of you know, get hotter when they're starved for moisture after the fruit is on the vine. I'm growing mostly hot peppers that are on the low end of my tolerance, heat-wise, so I was going to strain them a little bit to bring them more into the medium-salsa range. This flood kind of screws those plans.

On the other end of the spectrum, I grew cabbages for the first time this year, and I think the lack of moisture for the last week made the rabbits a bit more daring, and they took a chunk out of one this morning. So out comes the harvesting knife, despite wanting to grow them a little bigger. I'd rather have two large-softball sized ones with a bunny-sized chunk out of them than nothing worth eating, though. If the bunnies just could have waited until later today, they could have had all the water they could have wanted.

Que sera sera.

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